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In order to print, select the print option as normal. A pop up screen will prompt you to accept the cost of the print and, once you do so, will print at one of the printers located on the same floor. Please note: only students and community members that hold an ID card are able to print. If you do not hold an LID or PID card please contact the circulation desk or reference desk for further information. If you do hold one of these cards and are unable to print, please click here.

Printing Allotment and Purchasing Additional Pages
Students are alotted 35 free pages of printing per enrolled credit hour. Students that have used this allotment will receive a message stating "Out of Funds". If the student has used all of their allotment they can purchase additional pages at the Card Value Center (CVC) located in the Library (next to the copy machine).  Directions for using this machine are provided on the machine.

Note: The CVC does not take coins. The per page cost for printing is 5 cents. 

Large Print Jobs:

Print jobs over 30 pages require an additional confirmation before the job will print.  A screen will display asking the student to confirm the print job. The student is required to select continue to print from a drop down menu.  If they neglect to select print on this window the job will cancel

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